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CCcoin wallet, a hardware cipher can be purchased separately to make the wallet more secure

The pre-sale price of the new version v2.0 is 30USDT/pc (delivered in order of order, usually within 20 days)

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Easy to use, efficient and convenient

Ease of Use

High-end technology control details
Easy to carry and use at any time


Encrypted assets can be restored in other wallets
Upgrading the firmware can support more currencies


Built-in security chip, the screen confirms the real
transaction information to ensure asset safety

Use "core" to protect asset security

Use "core" to protect asset safety, and use offline verification technology to protect you from intrusion.

Hardware crypto wallet ecological service

Provide blockchain wallet third-party security solutions for digital asset-related business platforms, currently tailored for currency flash swaps, mining platforms, computing power transactions, payment platforms, financial derivative business platforms, etc. The encrypted asset solution allows projects and users to easily use the encrypted assets of hardware password wallets, APP wallets, and cloud wallets.

Digital Asset Trading Platform

Hosting Platform

Payment Platform

Financial Derivative Services

Multi-currency support

Manage global premium currencies and support all ERC-20 Tokens

Buy CCcoin hardware cipher

Please pay 30USDT to the following address (scan the QR code to get the address)



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