Mechanism Introduction

CCcoin brick moving team, build the IT infrastructure based on full C ++ compilation and self-developed low latency system;

CCcoin machine brick-moving system is an open and transparent machine brick-moving system through the interface of the mainstream exchange, the difference between real-time brick-moving exchange and currency pair, and the accounts of major customers are all open transaction records and synchronized to see real-time orders and transaction data.

CCcoin moving brick mechanism


Event Mechanism

Major event early warning mechanism to ensure timely stop loss when the digital asset market is abnormal and when the exchange collapses


brick moving mechanism

As independent R&D, efficient and flexible, unique quantitative brick-moving mechanism for the digital asset market



cover the entire network mechanism research/backtest/simulation/real-time data, real-time data of the top 30 exchanges


High efficiency

Real-time synchronization of the API interfaces of the top 30 global spot and derivatives exchanges

Quantified Brick Moving Mechanism

Through API interface, compare and capture the price difference of multiple exchanges and currency pairs, and obtain a small and stable difference through machine trading, thus avoiding the interference of human-dominated observation factors.

The team has more than ten years of experience in secondary market transactions and independently researches and develops millisecond-level digital asset exchange interface servers and strategy servers

Cooperation Mode

Wallet Transfer Mode

Currency BTC
Account Wallet Account
Return Rate between 10% and 22%
Billing Period Every day
risk 1%-2%

third-party account delegation mode

Currency BTC
Account Wallet account or provide HB and OK accounts
Return Rate between 30% and 65%
Billing Period Every day
risk 10%-15%

Cooperation Description

CCcoin wallet direct commission

AI quantitative move brick

Third-party exchange account commission (no need to withdraw password)

New fund password
Confirm new password
Email Verification Code

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