CCcoin hardware wallet More than security

Futures Price:$300/piece
(Express Delivery in purchase order)

Hardware supported

CCcoin uses a systematic method to produce true random numbers, derives public and private keys, supports data encryption and decryption, signatures and other operations, and follows BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 to ensure the privacy and security of wallet data.

Real random number

Never connect to the internet

More Security

CCcoin uses QR codes for data transmission, avoiding the risk of virus software being installed into hardware wallets through the USB interface or Bluetooth. We can verify the content of each QR code transmission to ensure that the data is correct and safe.

ecological service of hardware crypto wallet

We provide third-party security solutions for blockchain wallets for digital asset-related business platforms. At present, we have tailor-made encrypted asset solutions such as currency flash exchanges, mining platforms, HashRate trading, payment platforms, etc., so that users can easily apply hardware crypto wallets, APP wallets, and cloud wallets.

Digital asset trading platform

Custody platform

Payment platform

Intimate design
stable to use

4-inch touch screen

Prohibit frequent button operation

Network verification of real machine

Avoid using fake products and being attacked by fake main chain

Mnemonic card

Significantly reduce the possibility of losing coins due to the theft or destruction of mnemonic words

Create mnemonic words with real random numbers

Ensure the randomness of the wallet’s mnemonic words and ensure the uniqueness of the wallet’s public and private keys

Currency support

Cold-end memories of several GBs ensure that the cold-end can hold unlimited types of digital currencies at the same time

Currently our cold wallet supports BTC, DCR, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC, BSV, ETH

Buy CCcoin hardware cipher

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