About Us

CCcoin wallet is a blockchain multi-currency digital asset storage tool, with security as the core, and a collection of in-depth applications around the user experience.

CCcoin wallet users can purchase additional hardware ciphers to enhance security; CCcoin has opened up multiple API interfaces around blockchain applications, allowing users to quickly flash transactions at the lowest price in the market. Moving bricks mechanically, the user entrusts the backend of the third-party exchange account to understand the real-time trading strategy of the CC robot every second. CC is not only for safety, but also for ecological docking and development for the user's asset appreciation.

CCcoin wallet is not only safe...

We are working hard...

Make blockchain transactions easier!

Exchange Flash

Multiple exchange APIs, making transaction costs cheaper

Make blockchain assets more secure!

blockchain wallet

Hardware cryptographic wallet, eliminate any possibility of connection

Let AI technology be applied in the trading field, and easily get the difference!

Quantify bricks

Large customers only need to provide API interface or transaction account, and data will be disclosed in real time

We have been working hard...


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